Act & React: towards Involved Students in a democratic Europe

Mission statement

Young people across Europe show an increasing disinterest in politics and democracy. This leads to low participation in democratic processes of various kinds and an increase in populist and nationalist tendencies up to threats and violence against politicians and decision-makers.

Society in Europe gets increasingly polarised. The last couple of months, the aggression expressed by Russia in its war against Ukraine, is an example of how relevant and essential teaching and learning about citizenship and democracy today is.

That is why it is essential to sensitise young people to democratic processes and to show them examples of how they can actively participate in and influence decision-making processes and thus make use of their right to have a say.

It is important to strengthen the media literacy of young people in order to counteract disinformation, populist and extremist currents and even war threats. A multi-perspective view is both the way and the goal.


1. Educate active citizenship and participation in democracy

We will develop learning and evaluation materials for formal and non-formal lessons on democratic values, processes and systems.

2. Acquiring digital media literacy skills for political purposes

The current generation forms and sustains their political identities online. We want to make students aware of the ways social media can be used to inform, misinform and engage political target groups.

3. Support inclusiveness for underprivileged students

We will actively support and develop ways to create an open, tolerant, and inclusive classroom where students can encounter difficult questions in a ‘brave space’.

4. Promote multiculturalism and diversity

We will actively incorporate a multiculturalist stance on politics. We will look at politics through the lens of diversity and discuss controversial topics such as ableism, sexism, racism, decolonialism, LGBTI, etc.

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Discover our partners!

We consist of five different secondary schools across five different European countries. Two non-school organisations have agreed to participate in our common goals.

Einstein-Gymnasium (Potsdam, DE)

Einstein-Gymnasium is a secondary school in Potsdam, Germany near Berlin. It offers academic education in the field of science and politics.

IES Alto Palancia (Segorbe, ES)

IES is a secondary school in Segorbe, Spain offering baccalaureate and a range of vocational training.

Lycée Teilhard de Chardin (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, FR)

Teilhard de Chardin was founded in 1947. It has 14000 students from 15 to 18, and 400 students over 18, with 128 teachers.

ALASCA (Amsterdam, NL)

ALASCA is an innovative and ambitious school for education at the vwo+ and havo levels located in Amsterdam.

Universität Bremen (Bremen, DE)

The University of Bremen is a medium-sized German university with around 20,000 students. The University is involved through the counseling of prof. dr. Roth.

iVOX (Leuven, BE)

iVOX is an interactive online research and marketing agency that has specialised in market research via the internet since 2004.